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North American Traveler was founded by Steven Grasso.  After 20+ years of developing and planning leisure tourism products in the United States and Canada, Steven decided it was time to take his vision for customized travel planning and start North American Traveler.  "We leave no stone un-turned when planning a travel package or service." We provide services to travel agents as a tour operator, or receptive operator services to tour companies all around the world.  Depending on your needs, we'll perform any or all of the following:

  • Determine the level of customization needed
  • Determine the level of customization available based on budget
  • Reccomend travel inclusions based on value!  The best value isn't always the "cheapest" one.  
  • Find and Source unique products for travel agents or tour operators so that they can concentrate on other tasks.
  • Try to include all items in the itinerary (tickets, transfers, tours, ferries etc.)
  • Provide DETAILED documents - We planned your itinerary, you will have no problems understanding how to run it or enjoy it.  

Standards For Private Tours 

What makes our private tour stand alone?  Quality....pure and simple.
Our standards for private tours were thought of carefully taking in mind the convenience and comfort of travelers.  When taking a private shore excursion, our customers won't be worrying about long lines and getting on and off large buses.  Just sit back, let the "herds" of people get off the ship and than stroll to your private guide and vehicle.  Even if you get off the ship after the bus tours, you will still see 3 times as much in the comfort of your own vehicle.  Here are some reasons to choose North American Traveler:
  • We only use forward facing vehicles and try to avoid 10-15 passenger bench seating vans.  We always try to contract individual seating vans for small groups.  Motorcoach vehicles always have individual front facing seating.  
  • We only contract with vendors directly in the destination.  We don't use contractors who than book the vendors in a destination.  This means we are in direct contact with all vendors and can maintain the highest quality.
  • We will work with you  to customize the tour to include admissions, stops for lunch unique to the destinations and more.
  • Strategically use driver guides where it does not take away from the touring experience.  We recommend separate drivers and guides in major cities like New York City.
  • We only used licensed guides unless the destination does not have a licensing program.  In that case, we use guides whose core business is tour guiding.
  • Customers will have tour guides cell phone number for piece of mind.

Standards for Travel Packages

  • We design packages at 3 levels - Self Fly Drive, Partially Private and Fully Chauffeured
  • When not using private tours, we work with tour vendors that operate smaller group tours in vans or mini-buses.  
  • When working with restaurants, we contract to allow our customers to order directly off of the menu with minimal restrictions.
  • 90% of our properties are in the 4 and 5-star category. (Some strategic 3-star properties)
  • Detailed package documents
  • We offer 24 hour traveler assistance for both groups and individuals.

North American Traveler Founder - Steven Grasso

Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia

Santa Monica Pier in California

Harborview Hotel in Edgartown, MA
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